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AHPCA Roadshow: Palliative Care Training

The AHPCA (Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Assoc.) Roadshow: Palliative Care Training for the Community was hosted by the Light Up Your Life Tri-Community Palliative Hospice Care Society on October 13/14, 2023 in Stony Plain.

The AHPCA trainers, Betty George and Iska Hollman, expertly led the group on an insightful journey.  At the end of which we had 32 individuals with a much clearer understanding of what it means to be a volunteer or care giver in a palliative care setting, and the role they play in enhancing the quality of life for terminally ill individuals and their families to help them receive the care and comfort they need at a very sensitive and vulnerable time of their life.

Gratitude is extended to Dr.Samuel Fanous, Palliative Care team physician at Pilgrims Hospice in Edmonton for his informative presentation, along with cellist, Birch Nero and flutist, Terry Mack, for sharing their musical talent.

For more information you may contact AHPCA at:  www.ahpca.ca  or Phone:  403-206-9938

Light Up Your Life Society at:  www.lightupyourlifesociety.org or Phone: 780-962-8503

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