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WVHC Hospice

With the generous help of our wonderful donors, the Light Up Your Life Tri-Community Palliative/Hospice Care Society is privileged to assist this wonderful facility through the provision of equipment, room furnishings and other items.  The WestView Health Centre is located at 4405 South Park Drive, Stony Plain, AB T7Z 2M7.  

Art Cart Volunteers
​L-R: Linda McCreath, Alice Stene, Carol St. Andre, Doreen Stroh, Pam McCloy.  
(Missing: Sue Rouleau)

Honour Quilts

Honour Quilts for Continuing Care and Hospice Care, crafted by the County Quilters, Stony Plain United Church.  Each quilt will be used to drape over a recently deceased patient and transportation gurney on the journey from the hospice room to the funeral hearse. 

The center-quilted piece is a Sunflower and is the International symbol for Palliative/Hospice Care, as well as a symbol for Remembrance. This Honour Quilt specifically honours the life memories of the departed and lends dignity and comfort to family, friends and staff who may be present at the time their loved one’s body leaves the facility. 

Many thanks to the ladies who created these beautiful works of art to comfort those who are grieving the loss of a loved one – your contribution is priceless! Thank you from family, friends, volunteers, and Hospice and Continuing Care Staff, and those who will be comforted by the beauty of your gift!

Presentation of Honour Quilts  to Staff at WestView Health Centre Hospice by LUYL, February 28, 2018.  Presented by LUYL Director Daphne LeGrow  and Hospice Volunteer and LUYL Member-at-Large Alice Stene to Hospice RN
Sandy Reczka.

Quilt of Valour 2024

This beautiful “Quilt of Valour” was created by members of Parkland County Quilters and donated to the Light Up Your Life Society.  It was presented by Sharon Cornelius, Chair of the LUYL Society, to Pam Clark, Manager, Continuing Care/Hospice, and will be used to drape the body of individuals who pass away in our Westview Continuing Care & Hospice to express our gratitude and “Honour Those Who Have Served our Country”.

Beautiful Art Donated by Local Artists

Morning Dance

“ART from the HEART to HOSPICE”

Local artist, Kathy Meaney, has donated one of her paintings entitled “Heart to Heart” to WestView Health Centre Hospice.

Local artist, Cindy Barratt also recently donated a piece entitled “Peaches and Plums”

Passion for art, and compassion for people have motivated these two wonderful ladies to share their talent for the benefit of the patients and families in Hospice. 

“Heart to Heart”
 … L – R: Donna Saniga, Manager, Continuing Care/Hospice; Staff members Hilda & Ajith; Kathy Meaney; and LUYL Board Members, Linda McCreath and Daphne LeGrow
Local artist Kathy Meaney  with her donation of “Heart to Heart” to WestView Health Centre Hospice through the LUYL Society.
A donation of artwork to WestView Health Centre Hospice through the LUYL Society from local artist Cindy Barratt, November 18, 2015.  “Peaches and Plums” watercolour.

Care managers of The Good Samaritan Society Stony Plain Care Centre, Lisa Miller  and Sharon Hehn, receive a cheque in the amount of $63,759.05  from Light Up Your Life Board members on April 26, 2017 for The Good Samaritan Society Stony Plain Care Centre & Cottages, George Hennig Place, and Spruce Grove Centre.  This donation will purchase specialized equipment for these sites to enrich the lives of residents.

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