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There is no higher level of satisfaction for the Light Up Your Life Tri-Community Palliative/Hospice Care Society than knowing we have made a difference in the lives of individuals and families coping with continuing and end-of-life care.  Please read some of the testimonials from residents of Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County.  We hope you appreciate reading their stories as much as we do.

Most Heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation

Dear Linda and Members of the Light Up Your Life Society,

It is with the most heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I send you this letter on behalf of the residents, families and staff who live and work in the Good Samaritan Society sites, Stony Plain Care Centre and Cottages, Spruce Grove Centre, George Hennig Place.  This past year you provided funds for these sites to be able to purchase equipment that only enhances the lives of the residents who reside there.

The Society is truly an awesome one who is dedicated to those in need.  For the past 25 years, the Light Up Your Life Society has been fundraising in the tri-community area so that those residents who require palliative care have the proper equipment that is needed.  Your dedication to this cause is commendable.  As a representative of the Good Samaritan Society, let me say a big Thank You once again from all of us.  Without the hard work and dedication that all of you have for this cause, we would not be able to provide the care that we do in each of our sites and we have been truly blessed to be one of the recipients of those dollars. 

I look forward to submitting our requests for the next year and I will definitely teach my replacement all about you and what you do.  Thank you for the past 25 years.  It has been a privilege working with you.”

-Linda Merrick, Site Manager
Stony Plain Care Centre and Cottages
Spruce Grove Centre
George Hennig Place
(May 20, 2016)

Together We Make a Real Difference

“WestView Health Centre would not have been able to establish the Hospice at WestView Continuing Care without the support of Light Up Your Life Tri-Community Palliative/Hospice Care Society…The LUYL Society provided ideas, input, and very timely and generous financial support to assist in purchasing the required equipment and furnishings for the Hospice. They then went above and beyond by decorating and providing additional supports to the Hospice such as the “Art/Comfort Cart” and the “Gift of Care” personal gift bags which are given to each new client…The LUYL Society provides an opportunity for all interested community members to have a role in supporting palliative and end of life care in our community and together we make a real difference in the lives of palliative/hospice clients and their families. Heartfelt gratitude from all staff and management at WVHC Hospice is extended to the LUYL Society for their on-going dedication and commitment in supporting palliative/hospice care.”

-Ellen Elliott, Site Director, WestView Health Centre, Stony Plain

One of the Most Worthwhile Campaigns

“Suzie and I believe the Light Up Your Life Campaign conducted yearly is one of the most worthwhile campaigns held in the Tri-Community area. Our financial assistance in supporting all those families and patients in palliative/hospice and continuing care is the least we can do. Please count on our support in the years ahead.”

-Murray & Suzie Kulak, Decker Properties Ltd., Stony Plain

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” -Mother Teresa

Support of the Light Up Your Life Society Enables Excellent Care

“The Tri-Communities are so fortunate to have the support of the Light Up Your Life Society and its dedicated volunteers.  As a healthcare worker in the community, I have seen over the past many years what a difference can be made in the lives of our Palliative Care clients and Continuing Care residents with the equipment the Society has donated.

This year my family will be adding the name of my father to our annual memorial donation.  He passed away on February 1, 2010 at the Good Samaritan Care Centre in Stony Plain, and had previously lived at George Hennig Place in Stony Plain for a number of years.  The equipment that has been donated to these facilities contributed to the excellent care he received.”

-Jane Keck, LPN, Stony Plain, Alberta

“Sorrow has its reward … it never leaves us where it found us.” -Mary
Baker Eddy​

Light Up Your Life Society Helps Empower Independence to End of Life

“As Home Care nurses and personal caregivers, we have the privilege to honour client and family wishes to remain in their homes for end of life care.  This would not be possible without the ongoing support of the Light Up Your Life Society.  

The equipment funded by the Society is invaluable, in that it provides safety, convenience and comfort in the home.  The vast variety of specialized equipment that may be needed for an undetermined amount of time can be very costly and unaffordable for most families.

As Home Care providers, we appreciate that the equipment is readily available when the clients may need it most.  Not only does Community Care utilize this equipment for the benefit of our clients, but we are active in supporting the annual Light Up Your Life Silent Auction, the proceeds of which are added to the annual campaign funds.

To keep the equipment up to current standards, it is imperative that our communities continue to support the Light Up Your Life Society, as we never know when the need may arise in our own lives.”

-Community Care Staff, WestView Centre, Stony Plain

Light Up Your Life a Beacon

“The Light Up Your Life Society has been a beacon for clients and their families at a most difficult time.  The equipment purchased with donations to Light Up Your Life enables clients to stay in their homes and be with their family at end of life.  Light Up Your Life truly gives meaning to the term community care, as all Community Care health professionals consider the support that generous donations make possible, a vital component in their delivery of care.”

-Cindy Monfette, RN, WestView Community Care

The Dove of Hope in Spruce Grove a Symbol of Remembrance

“In the early 1990s I was President of the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove, and was invited to attend a Light Up Your Life meeting.  The committee and fundraiser had been established in Stony Plain and they now wanted to encompass Spruce Grove in the effort.  The committee wanted a theme for Spruce Grove, and we came up with the Dove of Hope, for which I developed the concept design and the Allied Arts Council’s Little Church Gallery became the focal Light Up location.

I was pleased we were part of such a worthwhile cause, purchasing medical equipment for palliative care.  I served on the committee for a few years and have continued to support the Dove of Hope, remembering grandparents with a donation at Christmas.  

My only surviving grandparent, Esther Lunan, lived at the Spruce Grove Good Samaritan Centre for 5 1/2 years, and during her last 3 months, she required special care and equipment.  Our family truly appreciated the comfort and assistance that special lifts and a new electric bed with comfort mattress brought to her.  This not only made Gramma’s final days more bearable, but made it possible for the staff to care for her and keep her in her own home where she passed away on August 27, 2005.

I had never really thought about my family needing palliative care, but we were so thankful that the help was there when we needed it.  We sincerely thank each and every person who has worked and served with the Light Up Your Life Campaign, and especially to all those who have donated to this cause over the years.”

-Cindy Barratt, Spruce Grove, Alberta

Content and Happy at Home Thanks to Light Up Your Life

“Thank you for the palliative/hospice care that you supply to families.  My husband, Ray Jones, passed away January 24, 2013.  He had terminal bladder cancer.  His wish was to remain at home for end of life care and, because of all the services and equipment that you offer, we were able to fulfill his desire.

We live on an acreage, and you delivered and set up a hospital bed which was put in our front room.  We have windows all around, and he loved to watch the wildlife (deer, moose, rabbits, squirrels and coyotes, etc.), and he enjoyed seeing trees (spruce, pine, poplars and birch), watching the change of seasons, and the saskatoon, pin cherry and rose bushes.  He could see the high blue Alberta sky with fluffy white clouds and dark, stormy clouds also; the sunrises and sunsets, too; and the acres of manicured lawn which was his pride and joy.  And he could even watch the traffic on the highway coming and going.

Ray died content and happy at home with his family by his side.

This letter is to give thanks and say how much the family appreciated all the help that we received during that stressful, heartfelt time.”

-Mrs. Fay Jones, County of Parkland

Photo credit Linda McCreath

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