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Our Heroes

The Light Up Your Life Tri-Community Palliative/Hospice Care Society is pleased to present the names of our 2023 sponsors, supporters and persons honoured with a donation.  

Thank you so very much!

If you made a donation to the 32nd Annual “Light Up Your Life” Campaign and the name of your loved one is not included in this list, please accept our sincere apology, and call Sharon Cornelius at 780-962-8503. The names will be added to the list on the website. The Light Up Your Life Society is a charitable non-profit, volunteer-run Society which also accepts Gifted and Tribute Donations throughout the year online at: www.lightupyourlifesociety.org

The Light Up Your Life Society extends sincere gratitude to all those who have so generously donated to Community Palliative/Hospice and Continuing Care through this annual, local fundraising campaign. An incredible $144,432.76 was raised.  Amazing!

The equipment/items listed below have been funded for use by palliative/hospice and continuing care clients at WestView Health Centre Continuing Care, WestView Health Centre Hospice, and the Good Samaritan Care Centres in Spruce Grove and Stony Plain:

(1) Three-seater couch and lamps (WestView Health Centre Hospice Family Room); (1) VeloPlus Electric Bike, Sofa Bed; redevelopment of the resident’s garden at George Hennig Place; (9) Geo-Matrix Gel Overlay for mattresses; (2) Ceiling Lifts; Volunteer Training; WestView Hospice Garden annuals, and (1) portable piano (Good Samaritan Care Centre)

The total cost of this support is $61,126.37

The total amount of financial support given to WestView Health Centre Hospice since it opened in July 2014 stands at $305,000. Funds raised in excess of the cost of the above items will be used to fulfill additional equipment or special service requirements as needed, and in particular support for WestView Health Centre Hospice.  With on-going financial assistance from many local businesses, groups, service Clubs, and individuals, the Light Up Your Life Society annual campaign expenses remain remarkably low at 4.9%. We therefore assure our donors that the money raised will directly benefit palliative/hospice and continuing care clients in the Tri-Community area.

Sincere gratitude is extended to the following groups and businesses for their sponsorship and/or support of the Light Up Your Life Society

Alberta Blue Cross – Grant Award; All Star Signs; Area Churches; Canada Helps; Canadian Online Giving; City of Spruce Grove; Cosmopolitan International Club of Edmonton; County Quilters; Curtis Kulak Group; Decker Properties Management Ltd.; Dedicated Campaign Volunteers; Dedicated Light Up Your Life Directors and Members-at-Large;  Dora Sloan; Formula Alberta Ltd.; Good Samaritan Society; Guy’s Overhead Door Services; Hamlet of Wabamun; Holy Trinity Seniors Group; Hospice Garden “Water Babies”; Kinsmen Club of Stony Plain; Linda Hewlett; Lions Club of Stony Plain; Local Business Supporting the Donation Boxes; Masonic Foundation of Alberta; Orient Family Restaurant; Parkland County; PayPal Giving Fund Canada; Pieces by Sharon Ltd.; Post Media; Regional Maple Leaf Health; Rotary Club of Stony Plain; Royal Canadian Legion #256 – Stony Plain; Royal Canadian Legion #256 Ladies Auxiliary – Stony Plain; Royal Canadian Legion #281 Ladies Auxiliary – Spruce Grove; Seba Beach Seniors Golden Age Club; St. Andrews United Church Thrift Shop; St. Augustine’s Parkland ACW; Stony Plain & District Health Center Auxiliary; Stony Plain and Parkland Pioneer Museum; Stony Plain Bottle Depot; Stony Plain Drop-in Centre; Stony Plain Farmers Market; Stony Plain United Church Men’s Club; Stony Plain United Church Women; Summer Village of Seba Beach; Town of Stony Plain; Wabamun Lions Club; Westmoreland Mine Coal Co. Genesee; WestView Continuing Care/Hospice; WestView Health Centre Administration; Yellowhead Veterinary Clinic; Zender Ford – Spruce Grove                                  

Donations in Memory

The Light Up Your Life Society is so very grateful for the ongoing support of community members and organizations who donate to our annual campaigns.  
In 2023, the Murals in Stony Plain, Doves of Hope in Spruce Grove, Tree of Hope in Wabamun, Wave of Hope in Seba Beach and Circle of Hope in Parkland County were illuminated in loving memory of the following friends and family members. 

A:  Bob Abbott, Phyllis Abbott, Ralph & Kathleen Abraham, Richard & Roberta Abraham, Robert Abraham, Betty Akins, Jean Akins, Ray Akins, Adam Albrecht, Dora Albrecht, Nora & William Albrecht, Ray Albrecht, Roy Albrecht, Marjorie Alderdice, Sandy Alexander, Valerie Allan, George & Mary Altheim, Angus Anderson, Jim Anderson, Lorne & Phyllis Anderson, Vi Anderson, Clara Andrushchyshyn, Elsie Andrushchyshyn, Emil Andrushchyshyn, Gina Andrushchyshyn, Steve Andrushchyshyn, Orris Armstrong, Lorne Arthur, Sarah Deborah Arthur, Roxanne Ashmead, Gordon Assinger, Lydia Assinger, Vic Assinger, Jessica Aubé, Leonard Aubé, Dianne Augier,  Joseph Augier, Denise Augier Radke, Michael Ayers, Michael Kenneth Ayers, Mike Ayers, Shirley Ayott

B:  Colby Baker-Buhay, Peter Bakker, Walter & Priscilla Balkwill, Donald Balkwill, Sr., Valorie Ball, Hilda & Roy Bamber, Ivey & Sydney Bamber, Roy Bamber, Albert Bangert, David Barnfather, Ella Baron, Gavin Baron, Henry K Baron, Louise Baron, Philip Baron, Robert Baron, Val Baron, William Baron, Earl Barr, Norman Barrett, Barbara Basaraba, Jim Baskerville, Bert Batt, George Batt, Winnifred Batt, Carl Bauer, Terry Bauer, Art Bauman, Derek Bauman, Rita Bauman, Bruce Baynton, Wanda Beaulieu, Albert Befus, Mariann Befus, Penny Befus, Ewart & Verda Beirnes, Darrell Berg, Pat Berg, Gordon Bergstreiser, Herbert Bergstreiser, Herta Bergstreiser, Lloyd Bergstreiser, Cory Bernier, Mickey Bettner, Rick Bevens, Don Bezushko, Stan Bezushko, Stella Bezushko, Karl Bloder, Earl Blood, Hazel Blood, Richard H Blurton, Jason Bokowski, Justyn Joe Boon, Donna Boughen, Garth Boughen, George Bready, Martha & Ignatz Breit, Fred & Minnie Breithaupt, Gerald Breithaupt, Joan Breithaupt, Evan Patrick Brent, Pearl Brent, Raymond Broadbent, Lou Brodeur, Herb & Ila Brown, Neil Brown, Albert Bruneau, Armand Bruneau, Emilia Bruneau, Anna Buckland, Doug Buckland, Ida Bull, Judy Burke, Larry Burke, William (Bill) Burkitt, Ed Burroughs, Norma Burroughs, Fred Burton, Mildred Burton, Marie Buss

C:  Hazel G. Cable, Gladys Campbell, Roy Cap, Giovanni Carollo, Donald Carruthers, Anne Carstens, Bill Carstens, Andy Catellier, Doreen Chadney, Edwin Chamberlin, Genevieve Chamberlin, Jim Chapchuk, Fred Charlesworth, Marianne Charlesworth, Sara Charlesworth, Frederich Charlesworth Jr., Frederick Charlesworth Sr., Leo Chartrand, Richard Chartrand, Gary Chickloski, Tillie Chieduch, Walter Chieduch, Bev Churchill, Brian Clark, Linda Dawn Clark, Stan & Angela Clark, Lillian Colban, Margaret Colban, Lon Coley, Meredith Cologne, Cecile Corbiere, Edgar Corbiere, Ruth Corbin, Daniel Cornelius, Helen Cornelius, W. T.  Cotton, Cliff Couch, Linda Courtis, Norman & Mary Coutts, Arnold Cowan, Florence Cowan, Doreen Crombe, Megan Marie Crowe, Hector Cust, Nettie Cust

D:  Bert David, Betty David, Mary David, Anne de Vos, Jack de Vos, Earl Dear, Adolph Dekinder, Anna Dekinder, Fernie Denham, James W.  Denham, Marc Desilets, Ed Desrochers, Pat Desrochers, Karen Devaux, Douglas Dewald, Fanny Dickson, Helen Dickson, Robert Dickson, Terry Dickson, Emma & Karl Diesing, Chance Dool, Mandy Dool, George & Ann Doshewnek, Phil Douglas, Rita Dowhaniuk, George (Harry) Drahanchuk, Mary Drahanchuk, Linden Dressler, Lynne Drury, Leonard Dubé, Rose Dubé, Jerry Duikerarry Dahl, Bert David, Betty David, Mary David, Donald Davis, Ken de St. Croix, Norman de St. Croix, Robert de St. Croix, Susan de St. Croix, Anne de Vos, Jack de Vos, Earl Dear, Adolph Dekinder, Anna Dekinder, Daniel Deman, Fernie Denham, Raymond Denham, Wesley Denham, Marc Desilets, Marc Desolet, Douglas Dewald, Douglas John Dewald, Fanny Dickson, Helen & Terry Dickson, Robert Dickson, Emma & Karl Diesing, Honore Dionne, Darlene Doige, Lawerence & Lillie Doige, Jean & Lorne Dombroski, Chance Dool, Mandy Dool, Ellen Dorner, Ann & George Doshewnek, Phil Douglas, Rita Dowhaniuk, George (Harry) Drahanchuk, Mary Drahanchuk, Garren Draves, George Draves, Linden Dressler, Walter Dryka, Leonard Dubé, Rose Dubé, Clara Ducholke, Edward Ducholke

E – F:  John Eastman, Sherry Eastman, Fred & Mary Ehbrecht, Barry Ellingson, Vail & Linda Elliott, Emma Enders, Esther Enders, Joseph Enders, Carl Engelhardt, Freda Engelhardt, Kathleen Erickson, Nels Erickson, Gord Estey, Ken Estey, Carol Evans, Eileen Helen Ewart, Gerald Fairfield, Adelle & Tom Fehr, Max Fetting, Tom Finkbeiner, Becky Fitzgerald, Bill Fleming, John (Ted) Fleming, Lyle Fleming, Nellie Fleming, Sherry Fleming, Dr Don Flock, Marie Flock, Clarence Foley, Jaxson Foley, Matthew Foley, Robert (Bob) Ford, William & Stella Ford, Ada Fortunaso, Edward A. Frank, Bonnie Marlene Fraser, Gordon Elvin Fraser, Ina Frederickson, Emmi Freier, Emma Freylinger, Cassandra Fries, Donna Fuhr, Gordon Fuhr, Margaret Fuhr, Rinie & Dorothy Fuhr, William Fuller, John Funston, Albert Furler, Danielle Furler, Diane Furler, Gertrude Furler, Henriette Furler, Jim Furler, Diann Furmanek

G:  Allan Gaalaas, Lorna Gabel (Rowe),Grant Gaschnitz, Philip A. Gaunt, Norma Germann, Pauline Gerwing, Gus Getzinger, Henry Getzinger, Linda Getzinger, Lydia Getzinger, Meta Getzinger, Cameron Gibson, Ethel Giese, Henry & Lydia Giese, Rudolph Giese, Coleen Gilbert, Elizabeth Betsy Gill, Ann Gillis, Roger Giselbrecht, Marvin Gitzel, Elsie Glubish, Rose Goertz, Walter Goertz, Audrey Goerz, Ed & Lily Goerz, Henry Goerz, Lydia Goerz, Perry Goerz, Perry & Kevin Goerz, Gisele Golosky, Mary Faye Gow, Gordon (Buzz) & Flo Graden, Jacob Graf, Philip & Esther Graf, Esther Graf Sr., Alma Graumann, Bob Graumann, Ferdinand & Mary Graumann, Larry Graumann, Walter Graumann, Ray Gravelle, Emma Grondin, Mary Guenther, Kelly (Kyle) Gunderson,Lorne Brent Gunhild

H:  Dr. T.H. Brian Haig, Darold Hale, Karin Hamilton, Peter Hancock, Casey Hanna, Eileen Hanna (Cust), Nelda Hanna, Ed Hansen, Raymond Hardie, Shirley Hardie, Edward Harrison, Anne Hartley, Tonette Hauck, Edna Haw, Jim Haw, Erin Haxby, Annie Hayes, Patrick Hayes, Bryan Heap, Albert Heidt, Michael Heidt, Charlotte Helm, Peter Helm, Robert Henderson, Norman Larry Henkel, Anne Herman, John Herman, Grampa & Granny Hermanrude, Brody Heskin, Dave W. Heskin, Larry Hewko, Mary Hewko, Nick Hewko, Henry Hickie, Ollie Hicks, Yvonne Hiemstra, Shirley Hinds, Mel Hobbs, Richard Hobbs, Victor Hochdorfer, Don Hodgetts, Gwendoline Hodgetts, Jeff Hodgetts, Alma Hodgson, Clive Hodgson, Jack Holland, Kyler Holm, Paul Holowaychuk, Paul A. Holowaychuk, Gilbert Hornung, Charlotte Hough, Myles House, Elizabeth Howlett, Tiffany Howlett, Hazel Hoyt, Hazel & Bill Hoyt, John & Mary Hrasko, Isabel Huber Snr., Don Hunneman, Jean Hutchinson, Iris Hutton

J:  Vera Jacobson, Gertrude Jensen, Knud Jensen, Lise Jensen, Soren Jensen, Eileen Jettkant, Heinz Jettkant, Susan Jettkant-Saik, Giesella Jewell, Ted Jewell, Elsie Johner, Allen Johnson, Arnie Johnson, Don Johnson,Keith Johnson, Robert Ole Johnson, Ronald William Johnson, Roy Johnson, Evelyn Jones, James Jones, Jason Jones

K:  George Kallay, Manfred Kanehl, Janette Kearns, Ruth Keefe, Ethel Keith, Don Kelly, Kia Kelly, Rhonda Kemp, Arthur Kendrick, Elsie Kendrick, Eileen Helen Kennedy, Mike Kessick, Irene Kett, Steven Kett, Mickey Kettner, Marty Knack, Chris & Lydia Konig, Edwin Konig, Aleksandra Korycinski, Jim Kotionis, Dorothy Kozyra, George Kozyra, Ken Kozyra, Terrence Krause, Norma Krill, Dennis Kryzanowski, Lawrence Kryzanowski, Sandie Kugler, Sandra Kugler, Brian Kulak, Ed H & Alma Kulak, Garry Kulak, Garry W Kulak, Gordon Kulak, Henry & Emma Kulak, Johnny Kulak, Martin Kulak, Philip & Margaret Kulak, Ralph Kulak, Sidney Kulak, Evelyn Kulak-Baron, Dora-Marie Kurt, Alex Kyle, Tammy Kyle

L:  Mark Laczo, Vic Lalonde, Robert Lapointe, Harvey LaRose, Emily Lasko, John Lasko, Lorna Laustsen, Paul Laustsen, Stan LeDrew, Emma Lee, Clifford LeGrow, Ken Lemke, Kenneth Frank Lemke, Roy & Joan Lent, Joan Leppard, Jack Lewis, Laverne Lewis, Stella Lewko, Thomas Lewko, Maurice L’Heureux, George Lindsay, Ron Lindsay, Barbara Nadine Line, Ferdinand Lischewski, Bev Lockhart, Bud Lockhart, Helen Lockhart, Ken Lockhart, Del Louis, Stella Lowther, Jim Lukey, Rose Lukey, Esther & Gordon Lunan, Ed & Helen Lutz, Roy Lutz

M:  Gertrude MacDonald, Don MacIntyre, Gene MacIntyre, Ida MacIntyre, Hilda Margerison, Kendall Marten, Trear Matijon, Allen Mayer, Gary McCarthy, Don McClocklin, Margaret McClure, Cis McCracken, Ed McCracken, Ed & Cis McCracken, John & Mary McCreath, Bob McCullagh, Joe McDonald, Sharon McDonald, Delma McDougall, Lorrie McEwen, Hilda McGinnis, Norman McGinnis, Jean McKenna, F. Douglas McKerrall, Amy McMillan, Archie McMullen, Ressa McMullen, Bill Mead, Myrtle Mead, Larry Meincke, Dorothy Meisner, Elsie Meisner, Norman Meisner, Derek Melmoth, Cameron Mennie, Sonny Wendel Mennie, Charlie Meyer, Elsie Miller, Emil Miller, George & Maxine Miller, Harlan Miller, John K Miller, Leslie Miller, Maria Miller, Gordon Milne, Alice Minke, Bill Moelhoff, Susan Moelhoff, Gerald Moeller, Howard Moeller, Marie Moeller, Albert & Pauline Mohl, Marlene Morley, Don Morton, Vera-Lee Morton, Ed Mothersole, Kay (Kyle) Mothersole, Brian Mottus, Kevin Mottus, Alex Mushka, John Mushka, Mary Mushka, Rudy Muster, Ted Muszynski

N – O:  Robert Nasby, Helen Nccorchuk, Elva Nelson, Walter Nelson, Duane Nernberg, Dick Nielsen, Minnie Nollski, Ray Nollski, Lois Norman, Sean O’Borman, Ida Olafson, Buddy Oldenburg, Larry Oldenburg, Morley Oleski, Richard Olsen, IsabelleOrieux, Isadore Orieux, Judith Orom, Rita Osborne, Doris Ozimek, John Walter Ozimek

P – Q:  Gerd Paetz, Dennis Palynchuk, Fanny Pankhurst, Emery & Dolores Paradis, Rosie Parfieniuk, Charlie Parken, Monica Parkin, Margaret Pawlyk, Cathy Pederson, Michael B Peitrucha, Robin Pennell, Lorance (Lorne) Peppler, Britany Peters, Lee-Ann Jayne “Lee” Peters, Anthony Petrunia, Bob Petrunia, Joe Petrunia, Emily Picken, Monique Pilon, Peter Pilz, Melvin Pittman, Joane Plante, Martha & Willi Plischke, Irene Plunkie, Robert Pocha, Ed Podhaniuk, Laura Poirier, Lynda Polieus, Ed Polowek, Sheila Polowek, Ladonna Pringle, Acim Prokic, Olga Prokuda, William Prokuda Sr., John Proud, Donald M Purdy, Mary Purdy, Carla Marie Quartly, Phyllis Quartly, Beryl Quigg, Dorothy Quigg, Frank Quigg, Wilf Quigg, William Quigg

R:  Keith Rae, Dorothy Rausch, Peter Rawlins, Josephine Reamsbottom, Chris Redlinger, Larry Redlinger, Leslie W Rees, Julianne Regamey, Louis Regamey, Phil Regamey, Anna Reinhart, Stephen Orest Repka, Velma Victoria Rezansoff, Bill Richards, Laurie Riley, Ron Riopel, Henry Ritter, Henry & Jean Ritter, Jean Ritter, Martin Ritzema, Anne Robb, Brian Robb, J.R. Roberts, Millicent Roberts, David Robertson, May Robertson, Irene Mary Robinson, Wendy Romich, Gordon Romuld, Peg Romuld, Carole Ross, Carrie Rowe, Charles Rowe, Lawrence Rowe, Mae Rowe, Thomas N Rowe, Thomas Rowe Jr., Thomas Rowe Sr., Irwin Russell, James E Russell, Jim Russell, Martha Russell

S:  Skip (Olaf) Sandaker, Mira Savovic, Petar Savovic, Srba Savovic, Anne & William Scheideman, George ‘Bud’ Scheideman, Gordon & Vernon Scheideman, Peter Schellevis, Hugo Schendel, Elmer Schmidek, Karl & Elisabeth Schmidt, Bill Schneider, John Schock, May Schock, Anna Schoepp, Ed Schoepp, Jack D. & Edna Schoepp, Louie Schoepp, Lydia Schoepp, Eleanor Schoepp (Konig), Frieda Schoepp (nee Konig), Emil Schulthies, Emma Schulthies, Gordon Schulthies, Becky Schultz, Charlie Schultz, Ida Schultz, Richard Schultz, Richard (Bud) Schultz, Richard (Dick) Schultz, Rick Schultz, Rick G. Schultz, Joyce Schulz, Joyce & Allan Schulz, Joyce Schulz (Kozyra), Diane Schutz, Harold Schutz, Jack Scott, Ron Scott, Brenda Shaul, George Shaul, Jean Shaul, Lorne Shaul, Marjorie Shaul, Debby Shepherd, Ed Sheridan Henry Shevolup, Rick Shevolup, Marilyn Shipper, Carol Shtybel, Cecil Shukster, Donald Siegel, Charles Simmons, Lorina Simmons, John & Susan Simulik, Allen Singer, Arvon Singer, Roy Singer, Thomas Singer, Nick & Kay Skubleny, Carol Small, Carol Ann Small, Kevin Smigelski, Pete Smigelski, Vic Smigelski, Ada Smith, Elaine Smith, Justus Smith, Neil Smith, Sarah Sparrow, Fernand St Louis, Robert St. Arnault, Anna Stadnyk, Myrtle Stadnyk, Peter Stadnyk, Barbara Stanway, Morley Stanway, Clara Stark, Lorenz Stark, Lorenz & Anna Stark, Annie Starr, Bob Starr, Kirsten Stevens, Marie Stubel, Jody Stuchbury, Bryan Sverdahl, William T Sverdahl, Deb Swanson, Anne Sydor

T:  Pastor David Taeger, Craig Taylor, Wayne Taylor, Captain Donald Tetrault, Irene Tetrault, Dennis Thibault, Frank Thomaser, Ed Thompson, Bert Thornton, Eileen Thornton, Jean Thrussell, Alvina Tkach, Lana Tkach, Mary Tkachuk, Larry Tomm, Brian Tough, Alfred W & Lydia Trautman, Lorraine Trueman, Judy Tucker, Ken Tucker

U- V:  Edwin Ulmer, Fred L. & Helen Ulmer, Leonard Underschultz, Camil Valette, Marcel Valette, Jane Vandenberg, John Vandenberg, Lene VanDrunen, Jim Vegh, Sharon Veinot, Derek Velichko, Nora Villadsen

W:  Melvin & Vinginia Wagner, Oscar & Louise Wagner, Agnes Wall, Edna Ward, R. Thomas Ward, Vera Ward, Doug Warford, Adeline Wasylyshyn, Steve Wasylyshyn, Bud Watson, Richard Watson, Richard (Bud) Watson, George & Mary Webber, John & Hennie Webber, Len Webber, Kirt Weir, Harvey & Sharon Wentland, Janice Wetherell, James Wharrie, Patricia Wharrie, Carole White, Doris Whittaker, Rocklin Wiens, Dale Wiggins, Alex Wight, Ken Wight, Lillian Wight, Robin Wigston, Philip & Velma Wilson, Gordon Witzke, Stanislaw Woloszyn, Eva Wood, Frank Wood, Glen Wright, Adeline Wuychuk, Dave Wuychuk, Frank Wuychuk, Joe Wuychuk, Martin Wuychuk, Nellie Wuychuk, Shirley Wuychuk, Wayne Wuychuk

Y – Z:  Bernadette Yates, Garnet Yost, Ruth Yost, David George Young, Roy Yowek, Josef & Olga Zach, Anna Zdebiak, Frank Zdebiak, Bradley Ziehr, Catherine Ziehr, Martha Ziehr, Daniel Zutz, Donald Zutz, Dorothy Zutz, Trevor Zutz

Others:  All I Have Cared For, Dicker-Papa-Opi,  Irvine, Jean, Keith, Loved Ones, Maddie/Roxie/Crash, Marion, Roberta, Lloyd, McEwen, Mom & Dad, Other Community Members, St Augustine’s Anglican Church Women, Wendy, Wilbert, Dave, Zed        

Did you know….?
Donations such as those in recognition of a birthday or anniversary and bequests in a will are gratefully accepted throughout the year as well as during our annual campaign, and may be sent to:

Light Up Your Life Society
4405 South Park Drive
Stony Plain AB T7Z 2M7

We are now also able to accept E-Transfers at lightupyourlifesociety@gmail.com.

Charitable Business Number 86282 5544 RR0001

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